Our services extend to: Providing legal advice in the fields of Energy, Environment, Climate, Securities systems, Healthcare systems, Hotels, Tourism, Shares, Shares in Companies, Establishment of Companies, Amendments to their decisions, Partner decisions, Monopoly systems, Competition, Capital markets, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Labour systems, Employment, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Information and communication, International Trade Laws, Maritime and Air systems, International water Agreements, Lease and Real Estate, Financing Systems, Restructuring and Corporate Governance and Laws Bankruptcy and Insolvency, etc. to name a few

Since the opening of the office to date, our office has been able to provide good service to all its clients and to accomplish many transactions and win many issues of complex nature in addition to the drafting and review of contracts of various kinds and all forms of Civil, Criminal and Administrative Litigation and Family issues and personal circumstances.

Date 23 / 05 / 2022

7:46 PM

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