Drafting skills is the core work of lawyers and legal firms, because of their significant impact on the formation of the convictions of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, on a subject or case. In order provide best solutions related to various topics and issues, we study and research the evidence and precedents until the solution comes out in a professional manner that achieves its purpose, which requires certain conditions, including knowledge of the basics of scientific research and its requirements.

The team at Elite Law Firm, provides the service of drafting regulations and legal notice through its legal experts. The study of the facts of the case from all aspects, as well as reviewing and study the evidence and documents. It also refer to the basic judicial system and examines the principles and judicial rulings issued in similar incidents. In addition to examining it also refers to all legal texts that govern these facts, and from this point of view, the written pleadings vary according to each case, and go through stages –

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