It is a set of regulations and instructions that each entity must put in place to accomplish its work in the required manner. It is only to control the activities of each department of the entity. It also contains the policies on which the entity is based, including organizational policies and customs. The regulations come in the form of complementary rules and orders to control and arrange the internal activities more accurately, which are related to many other regulations, such as the regulations of work, the regulations of penalties, the regulation of financial activities, and the election regulation, etc. Accordingly, it is preferable that the internal regulations be characterized with strength and stability. An entity can draft these regulations through their Legal Department, and / or it can seek the assistance of specialized law firms who are well-experienced in preparing and drafting of internal regulations. Thus, Elite Law Firm is pleased to provide a variety of legal services, including the drafting of internal regulations for companies through its experienced legal advisors.

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