Arbitration has become the preferred method for many companies in resolving their disputes, as the rulings issued by the arbitral tribunal are final and not subject to appeal, which guarantees the final settlement of the dispute in accordance with the parties' agreement to resort to arbitration. A special legal binding by agreeing to refer all or some of the disputes between the parties that have arisen or may arise between them regarding a specific legal concern, whether contractual or not, and the parties' agreement to arbitrate is an arbitration clause contained in the contract, or in a copy of an independent arbitration court after the dispute arise. Elite Legal Consultation includes an arbitration department that provides all services related to arbitration, which include the following –

  1. Seats for arbitration: The available premises are equipped to manage the arbitration process, receive parties and arbitration bodies, and hold sessions.
  2. Arbitration Secretariat: Highly qualified individuals to carry out arbitration secretarial work.
  3. Claims submission: The department submits the claims on behalf of the parties to the arbitration process in all arbitration-related activities.
  4. Preparing defense memoranda and representing the arbitration parties: The department prepares memoranda for the arbitration parties and represents them in the arbitration process as their representative.
Team at Elite Law Firm provides the arbitration rulings for our clients for National and International matters. The team provides expertise in the field of arbitration, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the United States of America. Our services in this regard include the following –
  1. Consultancy;
  2. Locally and internationally accredited arbitrators;
  3. Legal advice before resorting to arbitration;
  4. Confirmation of arbitration rulings by the competent judicial authorities;
  5. Recognition of arbitration awards by the competent judicial authorities;
  6. Confirmation of arbitration awards; and
  7. Execution of arbitration awards in different countries.

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