Although, Elite Law Firm & its team does not differentiate between its clients. But, we provide exclusive service by assigning an expert for specific category of client viz. Corporates / institutions / businessmen who are seeking special services. This service is an exception because we understand the importance of time and that special client needs special services. Under this service we try to provide the best possible and comfortable means to serve our special category of clients effortlessly, by saving time and assure our best legal services professionally and with complete privacy. Following are the services we provide –

  1. Legal and Sharia Consultations: Providing advice, legal support, opinion and advice to businessmen on the laws, regulations and governmental decisions and stating their public or private impact and ways of applying and dealing with them.
  2. Legal advice package: Elite Law Firm offers various legal packages for businessmen.
  3. Contracts and Agreements: Studying, drafting and reviewing contracts or agreements (Arabic - English - French - and other languages).
  4. ADR & Arbitration: Elite Law Firm represents its clients in National and International Arbitration Disputes as Representative of Client and / or as an Arbitrator. Elite Law Firm also provides fully equipped Arbitration center at its headquarters for conducting arbitration disputes in an organized and professional manner.
  5. Legacies and liquidation of companies: Elite Law Firm provides for services in relation to Liquidation or inheritance of a company. The process of Liquidation of company shall be in accordance with the Bankruptcy and Restructuring laws in the Kingdom. In addition to above, Elite Law Firm is also capable of providing services related to Company incorporation, Foreign Investment Licenses (SAGIA) and Industrial service licenses.
  6. Corporate governance: Team at Elite Law Firm is highly qualified having experience in providing services related to corporate governance.
  7. Corporate services: Incorporation of companies, organizing secretariats for boards of directors and partners’ meetings, and applications for foreign investment and industrial licenses.
  8. Documentation services: Documentation related to transferring real estate ownership, notary and attestation services.
  9. Attending meetings: The team at Elite Law Firm provides in house legal department services for legal and financial matters. The team members are also capable of attending meetings with the clients, Third Parties, and customers of clients. It also provides services like drafting / reviewing contracts which are to be signed by the client.
Elite Law Firm, takes necessary steps to keep all information confidential. It provides the finest services and adhere to the ethics of religion and profession. Our goal is to provide best possible legal services and advice to our clients truly based on the elements of trust and professionalism and to meet their needs with high accuracy and great care.

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